A Tai Chi Weekend in The Rocky Mountains!

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Danny will be hosting another Rocky Mountain Tai Chi retreat at the Cross River Wilderness Centre!  Enjoy fresh air, a wood fire hot tub, nature and Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Meditation and camp fires!  Click here for more info!  

Austin Tai Chi Workshop!

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Danny will be back in town teaching a Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation workshop the first weekend in May, on May 2nd and 3rd!  Details in the poster.  Contact Danny for more info!  

Living Wisely

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1. A master ask his disciples a question, “While boiling a pot of  water, you perceive halfway through that there isn’t enough firewood. What are you going to do?” One disciples said, “Hurry outside to go look for more wood, Master.” Another said, “Go next door to borrow some firewood.” A third replied, “Hurry out […]


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1. A  rich, eighty year old man went to do a health check. Two weeks later he went back to see his health check report. As the doctor was preparing to hand over the report, the old man  told him he recently got married again. The doctor said, “Oh, yeah?!”  The old man proceeded to […]

Everything Hinges on Your Thoughts: Sink or Swim

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Once there was an old devil who though that people’s lives were too happy. He said, “We should go disturb them, otherwise people will think the devil doesn’t exist.” He sent the first little devil to disrupt a farmer. Even though the farmer worked hard every day, and his harvest was meager, he still felt […]


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One day as a young man saw an interesting things as he was on his way to a Buddhist temple. He decided to quiz the old Zen master who lives at there. After drinking a bit of tea and chatting he suddenly asked, “Why do things rotate in a circle?” “Because the rope isn’t broken” […]

‘Understanding of I-Ching and Tai Chi in Relation to Our Lives’ Article

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Interesting article from C. Guan Soo: http://EzineArticles.com/49595 Tai Chi, The Great Ultimate, was found earliest in the Book of Change, or otherwise known as I-Ching. Legend said that this scripture was written by the first emperor of the Zhou Dynasty – Zhou Wen Wang. Thus I-Ching is also known as Zhou-Yi. I-Ching, or the Book […]

Doomsday Terror? Fear Is Often Greater Than The Danger

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Once upon a time, in the State of Chi, during China’s Spring and Autumn Period (770 B.C.–221 B.C.), there was a very cowardly man who always let his strange imagination run away with him. One day after supper, he sat down in the doorway of his home with a big cattail leaf fan in hand […]

Much Ado About Nothing

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While Buddha was alive he would find himself being asked the same questions by many different kinds of people. They all asked, “What I can do so that I won’t worry anymore?” Buddha always gave them the same answer, “Just let your worries go then you won’t have them anymore!” One day a man, certain […]