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Danny Lai

Danny and David at an Austin Hsing-Yi Workshop

One of Danny’s students, David, teaches tai chi and chi kung classes at Retirement Homes in Austin, TX. David has studied martial arts since 1990, and has been a student of Danny’s since they met in Taichung, Taiwan in 1997. Most recently David studied Ba Gua from Master Ho in Sydney, Australia. David has been teaching Tai Chi since 2001.

Tai Chi teaches healthy, healing, relaxing movements. Tai Chi is a martial art. Tai Chi is kung fu. Tai Chi teaches you how to use your power. Tai Chi is an excellent compliment to a hard martial arts styles. Tai Chi gives athletes an edge in increasing cardiovascular efficiency, balance, efficient use of energy, strength, concentration, calm, and flexibility.

David studyed Tai Chi from Danny because he saw a flyer advertising Peace of Mind and a Comfortable Body. How often do you need to fight? How often can you benefit from peace of mind and a comfortable body? While it’s great to have the martial applications and self defense from Tai Chi, the benefits to daily life are also considerable.

Doctors prescribe Tai Chi in China. It teaches you how to breath, how to stand, how to walk. People start practicing Tai Chi at 50 and write books on it at 60. It’s great for the young or old. David currently teaches Music and Martial Arts classes in retirement homes around Austin, TX.  If you would like to contact David about a retirement home class, fill out the form below, or click here to email David.


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Austin Tai Chi Class


Remodeled Austin Tai Chi Room

Needle at Bottom of Sea (Hai Ti Chen) 9 months pregnant


Crescent Kick (Shuang Pai Chiao)


Austin Hsing-Yi Workshop