Take it to the Octagon

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YouTube has a lot of great martial arts videos these days. And it’s interesting to see all of the “I’d like to see that guy in the octagon” comments. Or, “you have to wonder how’d they do in a UFC bout”. I think we are losing track of the many different reasons people decide to […]

Tai Chi Retreat

Danny had the last of his Cross River Wilderness Centre Tai Chi Retreats last weekend.  What a beautiful place.  The Centre is entirely off-grid.  They use solar and hydro power.  Propane appliances.  They have beautiful cabins with attached bathrooms or you can stay in a teepee.  I, trying to get as close to nature as […]

Jet Li and Jackie Chan

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As you know, unless you’ve been living in the Australia outback under a really big rock, Jet Li and Jackie Chan made an amazing movie called ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’: Forbidden Kingdom Trailer Here’s a link to their entire fight scene:  Jet Li vs Jackie Chan That scene made the movie worthwhile.  How long have we been waiting […]

Practicing Away From Home

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So I’ve just returned for a business trip to Singapore.  It’s tough finding time to practice at home, and even tougher when you’re away from home.  Maybe you have a small hotel room.  Maybe you’re in a large city.  Here are a few tips you may find helpful: 1.  As at home, the toughest part […]

Jet Li’s ‘Wushu-ography’ from jetli.com

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Jet Li’s a pretty amazing guy. He has survived a tsunami, rescued his daughter from said tsunami, and has made many, many movies. If you’re a Jet Li fan and have never checked out his website, you really should. The man is amazing on many levels. He’s a humble Buddhist, a kick-ass martial artist, a […]

Grappling, Ground Fighting and Chinese Martial Arts

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Throughout martial arts circles, you’ll often see and hear debates about grappling and ground fighting. In one recent example, a Wing Chun proponent talked about some grappling moves in Wing Chun (WC). A Brazilian Ju Jitsu (BJJ) person immediately went on and said that’s not grappling. Grappling has sweeps and counters and holds, etc. that […]

Dharma-Zen Chi Kung I DVD Finished!!

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Hey folks, Danny and his family are winging their way back home to Calgary. We had a wonderful time with him while he was here. He visited family, friends and former teachers in Taiwan for several weeks before coming down to Sydney for 9 days to catch up, teach me the new Dharma-Zen 24 Movements […]

Moving Beyond Negative States of Mind

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In Buddhist thought, there are three main premises to moving beyond negative states of mind.  His Holiness the Dalai Lama discusses these in ‘The Art of Happiness’: The first premise is that all ‘deluded’ states of mind, all afflictive emotions and thoughts, are essentially distorted, and that they are rooted in misperceiving the actual reality […]

Jet Li’s Final Martial Arts Movie?

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Have you seen Jet Li’s new movie, Fearless? Danny mentioned it in one of his posts. A great movie which speaks to the moral values behind martial arts. In my last post, the Dalai Lama spoke of humility and restraint. My first martial arts teacher, Bones, taught the same message of the responsibility that comes […]

Peace of Mind and a Comfortable Body

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Peace of mind and a comfortable body. The Dalai Lama says in his book, “The Art of Happiness”, that we are all born to pursue happiness. He provides a pretty simple formula: identify and encourage the states of mind that make us happy; identify and discourage states of mind that make us unhappy. Meditation is […]