1. A  rich, eighty year old man went to do a health check. Two weeks later he went back to see his health check report. As the doctor was preparing to hand over the report, the old man  told him he recently got married again. The doctor said, “Oh, yeah?!”  The old man proceeded to described his swanky new wife for the doctor. “She is only twenty -five years old and beautiful, ” the old man cried.Behind-the-Truth-logo

“We got married only four months ago. You know, she told me how loyal she is to me. She needs me every moment of the day. I stay close to her even though it makes me so tired ! ”

“Moreover, she recently became pregnant!” The old man said to the doctor. The doctor listened quietly and keep reading the report without saying a word .

“So, what do you think? How fascinating is that!” the old man said triumphantly .

At this time the doctor put down the report, raised his head, and looking at him . “It makes me think of a long-lost friend ,” he said to the old man.

“He told me a story  about an encounter while hunting in Africa .”

“One day on the savanna, he unexpectedly encountered a lion. He immediately grabbed the gun from the back of the jeep and aimed it. But he soon discovered himself in a bad situation because  he grabbed an umbrella instead of the gun. ”

“At this point it was too late to do anything. The lion was standing right in front of him preparing to leap. He had no choice but to put the umbrella on his shoulder, pretending it was a real gun, and  shoot the lion. ‘Bang! Bang! Bang!’ he cried loudly. Then a miracle happened! That lion fell down dead!” The doctor finished his story.

“Bull shit! How is this possible?” the old man shouted. “Someone else must have did it! ”

“I think so,” the doctor replied, then passed the report over to the old man to read.


2. Once there was a couple that had been married for many years and had no interest in sex. The wife didn’t feel happy about this. She want to change it so she went for psychiatric counseling. The wife came back from the counseling wearing some really hot, sexy pink lingerie to show her husband.  They both enjoyed a happy night. The next night the wife wore something even sexier so both of them had a turbulent night. It made the husband curious. He wanted to know what had changed his wife. So on the third night he secretly watching his wife to see what she was doing. He found his wife looking at  the mirror and shouting, “I am very young! I am very young!”

Later the husband found out about the psychiatric counseling. He thought, since it worked for his wife, it should works for him too. So he went to see the same psychiatrist. That night the husband was like a tiger in bed, making his wife very happy. The next night the husband was like superman going on and on until his wife had to ask him to stop. The wife was very surprised. She wanted to know, “What was her husband doing?” So on the third night, she secretly watched her husband to see what he was doing. She saw him looking in the mirror and shouting, “She’s not my wife! She is not my wife!”

I think you usually have to accept the truth. Otherwise you deceive yourself as well as others. But sometimes you have to have one eye open while keeping the other one shut. Otherwise the truth will hurt you unnecessarily.