Private Chi Kung lessons with Master Tsai Yong Tun. Each 1-and-a-half hour lesson is only $1,600 NT /$55 US. There are a limited number of spaces.White Crane Chi Kung

Master Tsai’s Qualifications:
International umpire of the World Taekwondo Federation
The president of Dharma Yi-Jin Jing Si-Sue Jing Academy
The president of White Crane Chi Kung Association
Master Tsai is an 9th degree Tae Kwon Do blackbelt, hard and soft Chi Kung master, and Shaolin Kung Fu master.

Dharma Yi-Jin Jing (muscle/tendon changing),
Si-sue Jing (marrow washing/ Yin diao gong),
White Crane Chi Kung and
Lian Hua Druan lun Gong (Lotus Wheel Turning Chi Kung)

There are two very famous kinds of Chi Kung taught at the Shaolin temple: Yi-Jin Jing (muscle/tendon changing) and Si-sue Jing (marrow washing).
In Chinese, Dharma Qi Gong (or Chi Kung) is called Yi-Jing Jin, which means Muscle/Tendon-Changing. Through practice, this kind of exercise can help your muscles and tendons become stronger, more relaxed and flexible. ‘Qi Gong’, meanwhile, means ‘energy work’. Therefore, other benefits of Qi Gong include increased energy and general healing. Doctors in China often prescribe Qi Gong to their patients, along with medicines and other therapies. In fact, that’s how many people begin practicing Qi Gong–in an effort to cure an illness. Today, in China and around Asia, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of styles of Qi Gong. It’s a lot like modern aerobics, but it is based on thousands of years of Asian tradition.
Dharma Qi Gong came to China from India. 1,500 years ago, an Indian monk called Bodhidharma, or Dharma, visited the Shaolin Temple in China. There, he taught the Shaolin monks Zen Buddhism, martial arts and Qi Gong. Today, the Shaolin temple is famous around the world for their martial arts.
To practice Si-sue Jing (Yin diao gong), you need to hang a weight from the root of the penis. You begin with 3-5 pounds and after a year, some practitioners can hang as much as 300 pounds. Through hanging this weight, along with breathing exercises, it is believed that one can massage one’s internal organs and balance one’s endocrine system to promote good health.

Strengthen the body,
Increase vitality,
Calm the mind and
Synchronize body, heart & mind.

You can contact Master Tsai at:
#29-1 Youn-Xing St, North District
Taichung, Taiwan
Contact person:  Master Tsai 0936874626 or (04)22362081

Master Tsai is Danny Lai’s Tae Kwon Do, Chi Kung and Shaolin Kung Fu teacher.