The Way Of The Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Regime

“In the old days the sages treated disease by preventing illness before it began, just as a good government or emperor was able to take the necessary steps to avert war. Treating an illness after it has begun is like suppressing revolt after it has broken out. If someone digs a well only when thirsty, […]

Some Practical Acupuncture Points

Posted by on Mar 1, 2010 in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) | 12 Comments

Some forms of acupuncture can be practiced anyone, not just by specialist. Whether for healing or as part of your health regime, you can do acupressure at home. But there are three hundreds sixty-five acupuncture points. Remembering where they are and how to use them is not easy, even for a trained acupuncturist. I recently […]

Make your own Chinese Herbal Salve

Right now I would like to introduce you to a Chinese herbal salve called “Zi Tsao Gao” or “Purple Grass Salve.” You can make it at home all by yourself. Efficacy: This is most effective for muscle and joint aches, sprains, headaches,insect bites, itchiness, and hand dermatitis. It is also useful in helping wounds with […]

Peace of Mind Then Chi(Qi) Will Be in Harmony “Sing Pin Chi(Qi) He”

In my last note, called “Press Acupuncture Points to Help Decrease High Blood Pressure”, I mentioned how a calm mind can help decrease high blood pressure. If you care to search, you can find many Western medical studies that agree with this. I.e. Hypertension in older adults and the role of positive emotions” U of […]