So you want to live a long time?

Make good choices.  Make good decisions.  Walk a moderate path. Danny and I have posted a few times on Chinese Medicine.  We’ve posted about and linked to articles that discuss the health benefits of Tai Chi, meditation, stretching and chi kung, four of the pillars of our practice. The classic Chinese perspective is live a […]

Dharma-Zen Blog Makes Top 50 Zen Blogs

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Upcoming Retreat 4/16/10 – 4/18/10 Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation at Ocean Resort, Vancourver Island, BC, Canada The kind folks at MRI Technician Schools have ranked our blog in their list of 50 Best Blogs for Zen-Like Living: Whether you are a Zen Buddhist or just want to lead a Zen life, these 50 […]

Zen Subtleties

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In a time long past two Zen temples existed not far from each other. Each had a child protégé. In the morning Taowu always went to the market to buy vegetables. Without fail he would meet the other protégé Changkung. It was natural that they would try to best each other. One day, just as […]