The T’ai Chi Farmer

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Here is a recent news article called “Tai Cheese Anyone?” that has interesting things to say: “A dairy farmer who believes a happy cow is a productive cow has discovered an unusual way to relax his herd and increase milk yields – T’ai Chi. He performs the ancient martial art in front of his 100 […]

Grappling, Ground Fighting and Chinese Martial Arts

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Throughout martial arts circles, you’ll often see and hear debates about grappling and ground fighting. In one recent example, a Wing Chun proponent talked about some grappling moves in Wing Chun (WC). A Brazilian Ju Jitsu (BJJ) person immediately went on and said that’s not grappling. Grappling has sweeps and counters and holds, etc. that […]

Peace of Mind and a Comfortable Body

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Peace of mind and a comfortable body. The Dalai Lama says in his book, “The Art of Happiness”, that we are all born to pursue happiness. He provides a pretty simple formula: identify and encourage the states of mind that make us happy; identify and discourage states of mind that make us unhappy. Meditation is […]

Last Fight

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I had a teacher many years ago, Bones, who once told me the story of his last fight. Bones had been a fisherman for a while. Commercial fishermen are a tough bunch, working in a very dangerous profession, with no guaranteed pay, success or survival. After spending a long time at sea, they’re usually ready […]