For centuries, Chinese doctors have understood that the body is made up of nerves that carry eletrical energy around your body, through your spine and to your brain.

Western doctors understood nerves might carry electricity a few hundred years ago with the publication of Luigi Galvani’s (1737–1798) theory of animal electricity (galvanism) in 1791.

Chinese doctors prescribe Chi Kung for bursitis.

Western doctors prescribe pain pills.

Western doctors prescribe surgery for knees.

Chinese doctors prescribe Tai Chi.

Chinese doctors prescribe Tai Chi and Chi Kung as a daily practice to make illness and injury less likely.

I’m reading Wong Kiew Kit’s tome on Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Medicine Book

Good read.  In the book, Master Wong says anger doesn’t come from solely from external stimuli.  In fact, anger comes mostly from internal stimuli.  That’s why someone who meditates every day isn’t easily angered by external stimuli.  Someone who is meditating daily is calming the self.

Practice hard,