Traditional Dharma Chi Kung Instruction in Taichung, Taiwan

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Private Chi Kung lessons with Master Tsai Yong Tun. Each 1-and-a-half hour lesson is only $1,600 NT /$55 US. There are a limited number of spaces.White Crane Chi Kung Master Tsai’s Qualifications: International umpire of the World Taekwondo Federation The president of Dharma Yi-Jin Jing Si-Sue Jing Academy The president of White Crane Chi Kung […]

So you want to live a long time?

Make good choices.  Make good decisions.  Walk a moderate path. Danny and I have posted a few times on Chinese Medicine.  We’ve posted about and linked to articles that discuss the health benefits of Tai Chi, meditation, stretching and chi kung, four of the pillars of our practice. The classic Chinese perspective is live a […]