We Are Blessed

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Stephen Jay Gould: “Humans are here today because our particular line never fractured–never once at any of the billion points that could have erased us from history.” You, personally, are even less probable. If any one of your ancestors had not procreated at just that moment and had offspring that survived to procreate again, going […]


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Another teacher of mine, Master Yi, once talked to us about anger. He said anger was very dangerous and very powerful. He said anger can cost you a relationship, a job, even your life. If you stop to think about it, he’s right. To counter anger, we need patience. As Master Yi said, you aren’t […]

Last Fight

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I had a teacher many years ago, Bones, who once told me the story of his last fight. Bones had been a fisherman for a while. Commercial fishermen are a tough bunch, working in a very dangerous profession, with no guaranteed pay, success or survival. After spending a long time at sea, they’re usually ready […]