Hey folks,

Danny and his family are winging their way back home to Calgary. We had a wonderful time with him while he was here. He visited family, friends and former teachers in Taiwan for several weeks before coming down to Sydney for 9 days to catch up, teach me the new Dharma-Zen 24 Movements Tai Chi Form, see a bit of Australia and bring me some copies of the new Dharma-Zen Chi Kung I DVD. You can see a video clip and buy the DVD via the Chi Kung page.

We also recorded his Dharma-Zen 24 Movements Tai Chi form and you can download the video from the Tai Chi page.

I’ve added pictures of Danny’s teachers to the web site. Danny’s Tai Chi, Ba Gua and Hsing-Yi teacher, Master Chang is on the Tai Chi page. Master Chang’s teacher, Master Wang Shu Jin, now has a picture on the Tai Chi page. And Danny’s Chi Kung teacher, Master Tsai, is on the Chi Kung page.

Practice Hard,