One day as a young man saw an interesting things as he was on his way to a Buddhist temple. He decided to quiz the old Zen master who lives at there. After drinking a bit of tea and chatting he suddenly asked, “Why do things rotate in a circle?”10984736_122307155144_2

“Because the rope isn’t broken” replied the Zen master casually.

The young man was stupefied.

Upon seeing the young man’s expression the Zen master then said, “Why are you so surprised?”

“Oh, I was amazed. How did you know the answer?” The young man said. “I saw a buffalo tied to a tree with a rope threaded through his nose. He wanted to leave the trees to eat grass but, no matter how he walked, he just turned around the tree, never getting further away. I thought that since you did not see this you wouldn’t be able to answer this question. Imagine my surprise when you answered so easily!”

The old Zen master smiled and said to him, “Your question is about the appearance of things. My answer is about the texture of the heart. You ask why cattle continue to move in a circle when the rope that binds them is obvious. My answer is about how the heart gets entangled by affairs of the world thereby being bound by an invisible rope.”

The young man was enlightened by the old Zen master.   6724438_162208136190_2


Because of the rope the balloon can’t soar into sky, the buffalo can only walk around the tree, the dog cannot be freed…this is a tangible rope. Although people don’t have a tangible rope to restrict their physical body, there always is an invisible rope restricting their spirit. So fulfillment must be sought through the spirit, not the body or the mind. Have you tried to discover which invisible rope restricts your spirit?