The most recent WMAP observations are consistent with the theory that the Universe is made up of 74% dark energy, 22% dark matter, and 4% ordinary matter. This reminds us that our material world represents only a small portion of the Universe. If all humans devoted all our remaining days to studying this 4% we would still know only a small portion. What can we know about the remaining 96% of the invisible universe? What we know will come from our experience: knowledge of the rudimentary tangible world has let us know about the invisible world. It is in this manner that scientists found invisible dark matter through observing the tangible galaxy.

And so it is the same with Martial arts training. Through tangible movements and forms practice we also need to develop invisible applications. I think many types of work are the same as martial arts training; using tangible knowledge we then can go on to developed our own invisible originality.

After giving up on self-torture and beginning to eat again, Prince Siddhartha sat under a Bodhi tree doing meditation. After 7 days and 7 nights he subdued the Devil and his body and spirit melded together with the Universe. He saw a bright star in the eastern sky and he reached enlightenment to become Buddha. After he reached enlightenment he continued to sit under the Bodhi tree. He thought, “The truth (Dharma) of the Universe is beyond the power of words and inconceivable. I realized the Dharma is contrary to common people’s thoughts…how can I explain it to them? If they can’t understand the Dharma then go on to defame the truth because of this, they will make bad karma for themselves. Perhaps I should just go into Nirvana.” At this moment a Deva, manifesting as a voice from the sky, said, “Noble Buddha, you are the rarest aware being, you are the light of wisdom that can illuminate the ignorant world. A worldly Buddha! You don’t have to worry about people defaming you thereby making bad karma. You should tell the realized truth worldly people because there are still a lot of people looking for the way to relieve their suffering.” So this voice encouraged Buddha and he spread the Dharma for forty-five years. Before he went into Nirvana Buddha told his disciples if any people think he had said anything about the Dharma then that person is defaming Buddha.

Why did he say that? Here’s the point; we are realizing more and more that the Universe is made up of only 4% ordinary matter, the remainder is invisible. When Buddha reached enlightenment he said, “The truth (Dharma) of the Universe is beyond the power of words and inconceivable.” So how does he can use the tangible words to describe what is indescribable? How can he describe the Dharma to human beings without using words most of the time? He can point to the moon and we can see his arm and finger but we must make the leap to actually go beyond and see the moon ourselves.