Martial Arts Is Comprehensive Training

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When I was nineteen years old I practiced Tai Chi and Tae Kwon Do at same time. One day when I achieved my yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do, my instructor let me attend a competition. I remembered the first moments of my first fight well. After the referee said, “Fight!” my competitor raised his […]

Famous Brands and Taste

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In the last week I read two news articles all about famous brands for sale. One happened in the States, one in Taiwan. Most of us have heard about Apple’s Iphone going on sale in the States. Television and newspapers both remarked how a lot of people lined up at retail outlets for hours up […]

Wealth Can’t Buy Health & Happiness

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I read a recent news article from Taiwan published Wednesday July 4th. The article talked about Terry Gou’s youngest brother who died from blood cancer in Beijing. His brother was forty-six years old. Who is Terry Gou? He is the richest person in Taiwan. He founded Hon Hai Precision, now the world’s largest contract manufacturer. […]

The Spirit That Endures

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Here is a recent news article: US Weekly editors decide they’ve had enough of Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton gets out of jail on Tuesday and she won’t be on the cover of US Weekly on Friday? How, short of the Apocalypse, is this possible? “When it came down to it, the staff and I felt […]

The Middle Way Of Life

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We know that before Siddhartha became Buddha he was a prince. Common people devote most days of their life chasing fame and gain, but Siddhartha owned them since birth and enjoyed it to his heart’s content. This was the pleasurable part of his life. Then he became an ascetic and lived in the forest for […]

Karma Is Inconceivable

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I teach a lunchtime Chi Kung & Tai Chi class at SAIT. At the beginning of one of my classes we were chatting as usual and one of my students asked, “When did you move to Calgary?” “Almost seven years ago” I answered to her. Then she told to me how seven years ago one […]

A Good Book: “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma

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In the last article I asked “Who can change you life?” Here I would like to recommend a book: “The monk who sold his Ferrari”. This book talks about a lawyer who changed his life and how to practice so as to have a balanced life. Here is the gist (from the back cover): This […]

Who Can Change Your Life?

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At my Dharmazen T’ai Chi studio we always start with drinking tea. I think people want to take Tai Chi and Chi Kung classes because they think this kind of gentle exercise can promote their health and help them relax their body and mind. So before the classes I like to make tea for my […]

Do Pills Really Help Your Life Get Better?

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Here is a thought provoking article from The Guardian (UK) from April 25, 2007. Scientists are working on formula milk that prevents child obesity. British scientists are working on a baby formula which would chemically restructure the metabolic system of children to ensure they never became obese. Studies in mice have found that large doses […]

The Difference between Movie Martial Arts, Ultimate Fighting and Street Fighting

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Some of my students have remarked to me that when they watch martial arts movies they really enjoy the way the martial arts are done. They think some of the fights are amazing. But when they watch the TV show “Ultimate Fighting” they find the fighting not as nice. Even if the fighters have learned […]