Two thousand five hundred years ago, Shakyamuni Buddha was at Gridhrakuta (Spirit Peak) mountain. He seated himself on a platform then asked his disciples, “How long is the human lifespan?”

One said, “Eighty years.”

Buddha said, “Wrong.”

Some disciples said, “Seventy years…sixty years.”

Buddha said, “Wrong, wrong!”

The disciples asked, “Then just how long is the human lifespan?”

Buddha answered, “Life is all in the breathing! When you can breathe-in and breathe-out, in this moment, you are alive. When you stop breathing, in this moment, you are dead!”

What is most important in life? Usually, we hear people say, “I have an important meeting” or “I have an important appointment”. If you knew you were going to die in one week, would you live the same way this week? Would meetings, appointments, making money and all of the things that keep you busy, now, be so important, then?

There are many people who always want to keep busy. This way they can feel their life is important to somebody if it isn’t to themselves. They are actually not happy with their life if they are not busy.

Many people say to me, “I would like to do Tai Chi, but I’m busy.” Can you tell me, who is not busy? What kind of lifestyle do you want? The answer is in your heart. I respect your choice.

Dharma-Zen Tai Chi Studio can only teach you how to enjoy your life in this moment. If you like your lifestyle now, or you think you are too busy, then you don’t have to come.

What is more important; satisfying one thousand desires to make yourself happy, or conquering one desire and then feeling happy?

–Danny Lai