I read a recent news article from Taiwan published Wednesday July 4th. The article talked about Terry Gou’s youngest brother who died from blood cancer in Beijing. His brother was forty-six years old.
Who is Terry Gou? He is the richest person in Taiwan. He founded Hon Hai Precision, now the world’s largest contract manufacturer. Shares in its majority-owned international division Foxconn, have tripled in value since they were listed last year in Hong Kong. He owns about 30% of Hon Hai Precision, an electronics manufacturing services company that makes the Airport Express for Apple Computer, among other technology parts. This is an eight billion dollar company that Terry Gou founded with ten workers to make plastic parts for television sets.
Unfortunately this wasn’t the only death he has had to face in the last few years. His wife died only two years ago from breast cancer at the age of fifty-five. It was just after his wife died that they discovered his youngest brother and successor was stricken by blood cancer. Terry Gou pledged that he would spend his whole fortune to save his brother’s life. He spent a lot of money to buy a private jet and invited the best doctors from around the world to treat his brother. But in the end he still couldn’t save his brother’s life. Since this most recent loss the richest person in Taiwan is often heard to sigh, “Wealth can’t buy health,” and “When you are wealthy it doesn’t indicate that you own happiness at same time.” His goals have also changed; he cares more about his health and he wants to do more things for the public’s welfare.

This article makes me think. Terry Gou planned to retire next year. He wanted to let his brother manage his business and go globetrotting with his wife but now this will never happen. Affairs in anyone’s life can change so unexpectedly! What is more valuable in my life? Wealth? Health? Happiness? Family?…