I have a nice commute each morning. I walk down a short hill, hop on a bus for 8 minutes, and then walk through town for 10-15 minutes to my office. Along the way I practice Tai Chi. I relax my hips, straighten my spine, pay attention to my posture, keep my balance slightly forward, distribute my weight evenly across my feet, turn my shoulders to let others pass, and in general practice Tai Chi concepts as I walk.

Often, in the morning, I make coffee. I practice Tai Chi when I make coffee. I keep my breathing in my dan tien. I relax my hips and straighten my spine. I pay attention to my posture and keep my balance slightly forward.

Sometimes some people want to argue with me. I let their words go past without giving them purchase. I do not respond and give them something to push against. In this way, I practice push hands when people want to argue with me.

You get the idea. Tai Chi isn’t just for class or for practice. I encourage you to bring your Tai Chi into the rest of your day. Tai Chi’s about being relaxed and natural. Be relaxed and natural.

I once wrote a letter to a Wing Chun master, former student of Yip Man, Lo Man Kam, who lives in Taipei: Lo Man Kam Article and Contact Info He was very polite in his response. He said, in part, ‘I am very happy you have Wing Chun’.

Have Wing Chun. Have Tai Chi. These gifts (martial arts) you’ve been given by your teachers are life enhancers. I can’t imagine what my body and life would be like had I never met my martial arts teachers. Your martial arts are your martial arts. Cherish them. Invest in them. Own them. Find ways to incorporate them into your day to day life.