Tai Chi with Dharma Chi Kung at Mount Royal Universirty

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Tai Chi with Dharma Chi Kung Register:   https://onlineca.activecommunities.com/mountroyal/Activities/ActivitiesDetails.asp?aid=9740


Chi Kung means energy work and is an effective and enjoyable way to improve flexibility, balance, coordination and relaxation. Dharma Chi Kung helps muscles and tendons become stronger, more relaxed and flexible. Tai Chi and Dharma Chi Kung can be practiced by people of all ages in all states of health.

Danny Lai
Danny’s class:
Tai Chi w/ Dharma Chi Kung Wednesday 7:20 pm – 8:20 pm
Originally from Taichung, Taiwan, Danny has studied many kinds of martial
arts, chi kung (hard and soft), meditation and Eastern philosophy for over 30
years. Danny attained consecutive silver medals in Taiwan Six Cities Kung-Fu
Competition and the Taiwan Kung-Fu Competition.
Danny created his own style of Qi-Gong; synthesized from Dharma and Yi-Jing
Jin Shaolin tradition.
Danny believes the most important component in obtaining a life of quality
is having good health which can be acquired through regular exercise and a
controlled diet. The real benefits of doing Yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Kung comes with
practice over time.
“A gentleman has three worries: Not yet being informed of a good thing, he
worries until he knows. When he knows, he begins to worry that he has yet to
learn it. When he has learned it, he begins to worry that he has yet to put it into
practice.” A Chinese Maxim
• Taichung Kuo Shu (Kung Fu) Federation Certified
• Black belt in Tai Kwon Do

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  1. kel
    January 13, 2014

    Good evening!

    I was interested in taking your course at Mount Royal:
    Tai Chi with Dharma Chi Kung

    Is this a good course for beginners?

    I have taken a few courses in Wing Chun and Choy Lee Fut but I am more interested in Tai Chi.

    thank you!


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