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Epigenetics: More Western Scientific Support for Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Meditation…

In this NOVA science video, researchers discuss epigenetics. Imagine genes are like computer hardware. Epigenetics is like the software, that tells the computer when to work, when to rest, what to do. Your heart, skin, hair all have the same genes. Epigenetics changes the genes into the type of cell you need in a certain […]

Mind Unleashed Article: 4 Scientific Studies On How Meditation Can Affect Your Heart, Brain And Creativity

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Danny’s posted many articles on meditation in this blog.  One of my favorite themes is watching scientists validating what Chinese have understood for millennia.  This Mind Unleashed article combines both themes.  I’m only quoting the beginning of the article.  For the whole thing, you need to go to their website.  And do go to their website.  I’ve enjoyed […]

Tai chi helps reinvigorate stem cells, researchers find

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http://focustaiwan.tw/news/asoc/201406070027.aspx   Taipei, June 7 (CNA) Taiwanese researchers have identified one possible reason that practitioners of the martial art tai chi tout its health benefits: shadow boxing apparently reinvigorates stem cells.In a study published in the international medical journal Cell Transplantation, a research team found that tai chi can increase the number of stem cells in […]

2014 T’ai Chi, Chi Kung & Meditation Retreat In The Canadian Rocky Mountains

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Come and Learn Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation in a gorgeous location                                                                                     […]

8 Ancient Beliefs Now Backed By Modern Science

8 Ancient Beliefs Now Backed By Modern Science The Huffington Post | by Alena Hall The Earth may not be flat nor is it the center of the universe, but that doesn’t mean old-world intellectuals got everything wrong. In fact, in recent years, modern science has validated a number of teachings and beliefs rooted in […]

Living Wisely

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1. A master ask his disciples a question, “While boiling a pot of  water, you perceive halfway through that there isn’t enough firewood. What are you going to do?” One disciples said, “Hurry outside to go look for more wood, Master.” Another said, “Go next door to borrow some firewood.” A third replied, “Hurry out […]


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1. A  rich, eighty year old man went to do a health check. Two weeks later he went back to see his health check report. As the doctor was preparing to hand over the report, the old man  told him he recently got married again. The doctor said, “Oh, yeah?!”  The old man proceeded to […]

Tai Chi with Dharma Chi Kung at Mount Royal Universirty

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Tai Chi with Dharma Chi Kung Register:   https://onlineca.activecommunities.com/mountroyal/Activities/ActivitiesDetails.asp?aid=9740 http://www.mtroyal.ca/wcm/groups/public/documents/pdf/danny.pdf Chi Kung means energy work and is an effective and enjoyable way to improve flexibility, balance, coordination and relaxation. Dharma Chi Kung helps muscles and tendons become stronger, more relaxed and flexible. Tai Chi and Dharma Chi Kung can be practiced by people of all ages […]

Everything Hinges on Your Thoughts: Sink or Swim

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Once there was an old devil who though that people’s lives were too happy. He said, “We should go disturb them, otherwise people will think the devil doesn’t exist.” He sent the first little devil to disrupt a farmer. Even though the farmer worked hard every day, and his harvest was meager, he still felt […]