In this Woman’s Day article that I picked up via Yahoo, Alyssa Shaffer talks about simple ways to extend your life.  Of course exercise is in there, walking, weight training, that sort of thing.  She talks about eating and sleeping well.  She talks about stress.  And she talks about even flossing your teeth and texting.  What I especially like about the article is she also talks about the different impact genetics have vs. life choices, and she quantifies the amount of time each lifestyle choice could give you.

This is, in my mind, another example of Western science beginning to catch up to some basic ideas that some Chinese knew many, many years ago.

If you are practicing Tai Chi everyday, then you have many of the items in this list in the bag.  If you’re not, maybe this will get you away from the computer and into a healthier lifestyle.

I wish you peaceful minds and comfortable bodies.