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Here is a recent news article called “Study Says Near Extinction Threatened People 70,00 Years Ago” that has something amazing to say: “Human beings may have had a brush with extinction 70,000 years ago, an extensive genetic study suggests. The human population at that time was reduced to small isolated groups in Africa, apparently because of drought, according to an analysis released Thursday. The report notes that a separate study by researchers at Stanford University estimated the number of early humans may have shrunk as low as 2,000 before numbers began to expand again in the early Stone Age. “This study illustrates the extraordinary power of genetics to reveal insights into some of the key events in our species’ history,” Spencer Wells, National Geographic Society explorer in residence, said in a statement. “Tiny bands of early humans, forced apart by harsh environmental conditions, coming back from the brink to reunite and populate the world. Truly an epic drama, written in our DNA.” (from Thursday, April 24, 2008 found at

Below are other two other stories I found on the Internet.
“After a Window Washer’s 47-Floor Plunge, the Big Question Is: How Did He Survive?” In December 2007, two brothers had jobs as window cleaners. One day, while working together on a New York cit a high-rise building, they had a terrible accident. Both of them plunged down 150 metres before hitting the ground. The youngest brother died immediately. The eldest broke both legs, arms, and wrists, collapsed both lungs, and damaged his kidneys… but he survived. Not only that, he wasn’t even permanently paralysed. Doctors couldn’t believe he survived the fall. One said to the brother, “If you believe that miracles are possible, then this is a miracle. If you fall from even 3 floors, the death rate is over 50%. Before today it was well known that falling from 10 floors or more has a 100% death rate. I have never seen anyone survive a fall such as yours.” (Written by James Baron and Al Baker, fom

“Woman Shot In The Head Recounts Tale Of Survival.” On April 12 this year, a 41-year-old woman was driving around in Tampa, Florida. Several carloads of thugs began to verbally abuse her, and the incidence quickly escalated. She was shot right between the eyes by someone in a neighbouring car. But she didn’t die on the spot and was rushed to hospital. In fact, she stupefied the doctors when she began to tell them what happened. Close scrutiny showed that, upon hitting her forehead, the bullet broke into 2 pieces. Rather than penetrating her skull and killing her, the fragments only traveled under her skin, exiting behind her ear. The doctor said that he couldn’t explain how such an inexplicable event could occur. (By Mike Wells,

These three stories make me wonder whether the outcome of these events were predestined or determined by luck? I also am left with some unanswered questions. In the first story the writer didn’t explain the possible effects that incest would have on the children of these human beings in danger of extinction. Why is it known from endangered species of animals that to have too limited a gene pool will cause them to die out because of genetic diseases, yet our ancient human ancestors were still able to propagate and eventually spread around the globe?
From the second story I wonder that, since a miracle occurred, why didn’t the younger brother survive too? In theory and from many examples of falls from high places, everyone would say that the old brother didn’t have a chance of survival. Yet he did and he is even recovering.
From the third story I simply wonder what the probability is of a bullet breaking into 2 pieces when it hits a human being’s forehead and not killing her/him?
I’m left with the conclusion that there are many things that can’t be explained by science or experience. Sometimes there simply is no answer.

In Chinese there is a saying that goes like this, “Ming Ming Ju Jong, Zi Yo Ding Shu” It can’t be translated directly but is understood to mean, “The destiny of everything in this universe is imperceptibly but inexorably influenced beyond human being’s understanding.” Sometimes I think human beings should be more humble when considering Mother Nature. We seem to think we can control and change Nature when in fact, we are still being powerfully controlled and changed by Nature.