In the last week I read two news articles all about famous brands for sale. One happened in the States, one in Taiwan. Most of us have heard about Apple’s Iphone going on sale in the States. Television and newspapers both remarked how a lot of people lined up at retail outlets for hours up to several days. I saw coverage where people, walking out the door with their new Iphone, were being hailed like heroes, both by employees and bystanders. I think the Iphone will be a sensation for a while.
In Taiwan a famous English brand, called Anya Hindmarch, was selling environmental protection shopping bags. Because the bags were both a famous brand and a cheap price a lot of people lined up outside department stores. There were a limited number of bags for sale so when the department store opened people jostled one another causing some people to fall down and get injured. When I read this article I felt the superficiality of brand name products and how vainglorious people can be. If this brand really wanted to promote environmental protection, they should have no limit on the amount of inexpensive bags for sale. And for shoppers who really try to protect the environmental, the ideal is to bring their own bags from home, regardless of what name it bears. I’m curious whether lives were improved when an Iphone or Anya Hindmarch shopping bag were added to someone’s life. Did they have more lasting happiness?
Some people like to use famous brand’s goods because they may have better quality or are familiar with the product. But there are some people who need to own goods just because they are a famous brand or some celebrity uses them. They want to let people think they have a good taste. But sometimes we find these goods or celebrities to be unbearably vulgar.

I believe that to have good taste, people must own their own views and not worship a famous brand or celebrity blindly. They should know themselves, and have intention and confidence in choosing their own style.