No matter what your age or activity level, you will likely experience some type of pain during your lifetime, as stated by experts from
Whether you suffer from sciatica, knee pain, or menstrual pain — or pain from an injury like a sprain, bruise, or burn.  To avoid paying heft amounts for injuries, contact Barry Deacon Law – Austin, TX experts who provide the best legal hacks to claim medical insurance. These expert lawyers can also help you out if you are charged for first time DUI in California. Pain is the most common complaint physicians see in their practices. Besides experiencing pain, most of us have also taken a wide range of pain medications, from over-the-counter medicine like aspirin to stronger prescription drugs; and we are aware (as our doctors are) that these medications can have unpleasant and unwanted side effects. Would so many of us continue to take these synthetic Western drugs if we knew about other options that are time-tested, safe, natural and effective? — There is a traditional Chinese medicine designed to ease your discomfort.
In China and Taiwan acupuncture and patent herbal medicine are seen as the first treatment option for pain. Traditional Chinese medicine is a safe, effective and natural healing modality that has been used by a quarter of the world’s population continuously for four thousand years to deal with a variety of pain issues. You can also use the White Borneo Kratom to alleviate the pain.
In Chinese medicine it is said that when there is pain there is stagnation of blood or qi, or both. This roughly means that there are various biological functions of the body that are not flowing smoothly and can often lead to, or be the result of, inflammatory conditions. For this reason Chinese herbs are used to encourage (quicken) the blood flow and move the qi. At the same time “clearing heat,” i.e. reducing inflammation, is a common strategy used to assist in the relieving pain. You can click site here to find the right product to help you relax and get some relief from pain.

Patches or plasters are the medicine combining traditional and modern methods of pain relief. They are ease to use and store. They can be broken down into two basic groups: those with cooling herbs and those with warming herbs. Part of how an acupuncturist or Chinese herbalist diagnoses conditions is in terms of cold or heat. The herbs are intended to not only relieve pain but also to promote blood circulation and speed up the healing process.

A. Pain patches for cold conditions: Most herbal patches are of this category. If the patch contains mint/menthol you can assume it’s of this variety. Their main purpose is to eliminate new muscle pain and nerve inflammation using a cooling effect.

B. Pain patches for heat conditions : Used when a person is suffering from incomplete recovery from an injury, chronic or long term damage, and/or poor peripheral blood vessel circulation. They use heat to reduce pain and often smell of pungent, spicy herbs. When applied to the skin these patches feel like they are warming up, leading to their nickname “the hot pepper plaster.”

Note that the ingredients of the plasters can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and that Chinese companies are known for not listing all their ingredients. Therefore, it is best to get a prescription from a qualified herbalist.

You can’t rely only on pain patches to completely heal your injuries. You still need to do gentle exercise/stretching, rest enough, don’t overdo it when you start to feel better, and have the input from a qualified physician/physical therapist etc. You might like to consider doing T’ai Chi exercise, as it is gentle and has helped many people recover from physical complaints.

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