Practicing Away From Home

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So I’ve just returned for a business trip to Singapore.  It’s tough finding time to practice at home, and even tougher when you’re away from home.  Maybe you have a small hotel room.  Maybe you’re in a large city.  Here are a few tips you may find helpful: 1.  As at home, the toughest part […]

Jet Li’s ‘Wushu-ography’ from

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Jet Li’s a pretty amazing guy. He has survived a tsunami, rescued his daughter from said tsunami, and has made many, many movies. If you’re a Jet Li fan and have never checked out his website, you really should. The man is amazing on many levels. He’s a humble Buddhist, a kick-ass martial artist, a […]

The T’ai Chi Farmer

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Here is a recent news article called “Tai Cheese Anyone?” that has interesting things to say: “A dairy farmer who believes a happy cow is a productive cow has discovered an unusual way to relax his herd and increase milk yields – T’ai Chi. He performs the ancient martial art in front of his 100 […]

How The Ordinary Person Decides What Is True

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Web 2.0 began to emerge after the autumn of 2001 (if you don’t know what this is go to With its rise, Youtube and Myspace have become very popular web destinations. On them we can see a lot of videos full of many talented people and inexplicable events. But sometimes I read in the […]

Western Research Evidence About Tai Chi And Qi Gong Exercises

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Through many years of scientific and medical research, we know that Tai Chi and Qi Gong (Chi Kung) exercise can definitely benefit health. Here is a recent research article called “Tai Chi Helps Fight Against Diabetes” that has “Western style” evidence: “The dance-like exercise Tai Chi, practised by tens of millions of people in China […]

Dharmazen Retreat In The Canadian Rocky Mountains

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Come and Learn Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation in a gorgeous location The dates will be: May 16 – 18 (this long weekend’s quota is almost reached) Sept. 19 – 21 weekend Daily Schedule Friday evening: arrive at the CrossRiver Wilderness Centre First Day (Saturday) 7:30 ~ 8:30am Qi Gong breath exercises 8:30 […]

The Difference Between Using Jing Or Strength/Power In Wu Shu

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I think the concept called “Jing” is very important in Chinese Wu Shu/martial arts.You can see how using Jing may look like if you watch Jet Li’s martial arts movie “Fearless”. It tries to demonstrate Wu De (Martial Arts virtue) and also shows how Jing can be used in a fight. When master Huo Yuanjia […]

A Simple Explanation of T’ai Chi Terminology And Principles

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Come and Learn Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation in a gorgeous location:France The dates will be:4th to 8th April 2009 More information: There are many different kinds of schools of T’ai Chi Chu’an. Every school has its unique merits in its movements, forms and style. However the background theory and principles are the same […]

Take A Deep Breath

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BDantien (Abdomen)Breathing Exercise Every time I go downtown to teach my lunchtime Tai Chi and Chi Kung class, I see many people in a hurry to do something or go somewhere. Being busy and hurried has become a part of life modern life. Sometimes I heard my students complain about how their schedules are too […]

Grappling, Ground Fighting and Chinese Martial Arts

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Throughout martial arts circles, you’ll often see and hear debates about grappling and ground fighting. In one recent example, a Wing Chun proponent talked about some grappling moves in Wing Chun (WC). A Brazilian Ju Jitsu (BJJ) person immediately went on and said that’s not grappling. Grappling has sweeps and counters and holds, etc. that […]