You Should Know The 8 Taboos Of Drinking Chinese Tea

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The many benefits of drinking Chinese tea are well known, but one thing to understand is that not everyone can drink tea whenever they want. There is one Chinese saying that goes like this: “Water can float a boat, as well as capsize it.” The same applies for drinking tea. If you sip an ill-timed […]

Chinese Herbal Patch (Plaster) For Pain Relief

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No matter what your age or activity level, you will likely experience some type of pain during your lifetime. Whether you suffer from sciatica, knee pain, or menstrual pain — or pain from an injury like a sprain, bruise, or burn.  To avoid paying heft amounts for injuries, contact Barry Deacon Law – Austin, TX […]

Pai Sha (strike therapy)

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Pai Sha (strike therapy) is an ancient Chinese method for maintaining one’s health. The term “Sha” refers to congested blood, or debris formed by bruising or clots in the blood vessels, which impede transportation of nutrients via the blood and cause poor blood circulation. In turn, this results in disease within the human body, such […]


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Self-colored Incense- Natural color and smell, this direct burning incense is cleaner with less smoke. Ingredients are carefully selected and meticulously pressed into high quality horizontal sticks (no wooden core) and coils. This incense is made up of meticulously selected natural aloeswood or sandalwood. It is exactly the same color as the genuine wood. When […]

Inner Peace: Zen Music CD

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Dharmazen online store will start to sell a wide range of goods of good quality and good taste at a reasonable price. You can depend on these three properties, something not all online stores can provide. The store is currently based in Taiwan ROC and has ready access to markets most North American and European […]