Another teacher of mine, Master Yi, once talked to us about anger. He said anger was very dangerous and very powerful. He said anger can cost you a relationship, a job, even your life. If you stop to think about it, he’s right.

To counter anger, we need patience. As Master Yi said, you aren’t just born patient. Like anything else, patience takes work. You have to practice patience. He said, if someone is making you angry, you should thank them. They are your teacher. They are teaching you patience.

I once saw a Buddhist monk speak, Sakyong Mipham, and he touched on the topic as well. He said that meditation gives you the ability to choose how to react. Many people simply react. Our loved one says something we don’t like, a car in traffic cuts us off, and boom, we’re angry. However, meditation can give you a cushion. It can give you a moment to reflect: ‘Hmm, how do I want to react to this? Is anger the correct response? In this instance, it isn’t. Instead, I shall make a joke.’ I highly recommend Sakyong Mipham’s book, “Turning The Mind Into An Ally”.

Study from a lot of teachers, read a lot of books, and practice, practice, practice. Go work out!

–David True