Peace of Mind Then Chi(Qi) Will Be in Harmony “Sing Pin Chi(Qi) He”

In my last note, called “Press Acupuncture Points to Help Decrease High Blood Pressure”, I mentioned how a calm mind can help decrease high blood pressure. If you care to search, you can find many Western medical studies that agree with this. I.e. Hypertension in older adults and the role of positive emotions” U of […]

How The Ordinary Person Decides What Is True

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Web 2.0 began to emerge after the autumn of 2001 (if you don’t know what this is go to With its rise, Youtube and Myspace have become very popular web destinations. On them we can see a lot of videos full of many talented people and inexplicable events. But sometimes I read in the […]

Natural Potential Chi Kung/Qi Gong And The Mystical Power- Chi (Qi)

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Upcoming Retreat 4/16/10 – 4/18/10 Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation at Ocean Resort, Vancourver Island, BC, Canada In the last article I discussed how studies and research have confirmed that after meditation training we really could have a peaceful mind. So here I would like to offer a Chi Kung exercise to everyone who […]

Dharma-Zen Chi Kung I DVD Finished!!

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Hey folks, Danny and his family are winging their way back home to Calgary. We had a wonderful time with him while he was here. He visited family, friends and former teachers in Taiwan for several weeks before coming down to Sydney for 9 days to catch up, teach me the new Dharma-Zen 24 Movements […]