Enjoy Loneliness

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As a slogan “Enjoy Loneliness” seems to be ridiculous and absurd. It seems a perversion of the senses and directly opposite to our humanity. Many people find loneliness difficult to accept. They feel loneliness as a blank, a wasteful feeling to be avoided, or a feeling that tramples life. Therefore many people always want to do everything possible to get rid of loneliness. In fact, this is futile. It is also not necessary.
This era is no lonelier than any other era. Ever-present media and the ever-changing, ever-engrossing social networking sites make the world closely linked. This also makes it look like people are very close but, in truth, they are still inherent lonely. I think there are many people who can relate to the following experience: You are at a party and surrounded by many people all around you. It’s should be pleasurably but you just feel lonely.
In fact, we are restricted by our present social environment so we can’t truly face our loneliness. The blind pursuit of numerous relationships is not really valuable or honest.
Is loneliness really such a negative influence on humankind? In human history there have been many gifted persons who have created masterworks in moments of solitude. Such as Isaac Newton, Beethoven, Buddha…..etc.

Many people have seen the symbol of Yin and Yang (called T’ai Chi). They know this symbol represents balance. Actually, Yin and Yang happen in our life every day. Just as sadness is Yin, happiness is Yang. Crying is Yin and laughing is Yang. So, if cooperation and social activities are “Yang”, then it follows that loneliness is naturally “Yin”. According to the theory of yin and yang loneliness is impossible to beat. One can’t even exist without the other (this is the little “eye” in each opposing half).

See, solitude and loneliness have always been an indispensable part of our life! Why do we not face it and accept it? Solitude can enhance insight. It reveals the true meaning of life, making life more lustrous. Why do we not welcome it and cherish it? Just as we like to enjoy Happy Hour, we should also enjoy loneliness and solitude as a time to find peace of mind.
The life of natural law is that everyone is born alone and dies alone. Everyone reaches understanding on their own, be it how to tie your shoelace, or reaching enlightenment. A person can tell you all about the moon, and point to it with his finger. You may look at his finger all you want but you must make the leap of looking at the moon by yourself. You must reach your own understanding.

In the Dhammapada Sutra Buddha tells us: “Having savored the taste of solitude and peace (of Nirvana), pain-free and stainless he becomes, drinking deep the taste of the bliss of Truth.”

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  1. Elisabeth
    July 23, 2012

    Stange enough, this morning I felt lonely… I read with interest your post, but I make a difference between solitude and loneliness!
    Solitude is chosen. Solitude is wonderful, you are never lonely in solitude, your life is full of thoughts, feelings, introspection, you are turned on yourself but also on to the universe! As Buddha said solitude is peace and truth. It is the balance in life, the Yin and Yang. it is being alive, fully aware of your surroundings. Solitude is positive.

    Loneliness is forced upon you. Loneliness is a burden you carry on your shoulders, that awful feeling of being useless to oneself and others, You are turned inside, seeing only your suffering; it is a kind of death, nothing matters any more. It is like a poison secreted slowly in the mind and heart. Loneliness is negative.

    Thank you for your messafe Danny, it brightened that dreary day, I am reintalled in my solitude… Regards


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