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Another teacher of mine, Master Yi, once talked to us about anger. He said anger was very dangerous and very powerful. He said anger can cost you a relationship, a job, even your life. If you stop to think about it, he’s right. To counter anger, we need patience. As Master Yi said, you aren’t […]

Last Fight

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I had a teacher many years ago, Bones, who once told me the story of his last fight. Bones had been a fisherman for a while. Commercial fishermen are a tough bunch, working in a very dangerous profession, with no guaranteed pay, success or survival. After spending a long time at sea, they’re usually ready […]

Martial Arts in the Modern World

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In the world of guns, martial arts don’t mean what they used to. I don’t care how good your martial arts are, bullets and bombs can’t be blocked. Martial arts, however, are incredibly useful on a daily basis. Especially an internal or healing martial art that forces you to change your body to accomodate the […]

Big Bang, the Void and Tai Chi

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It’s interesting how modern science is beginning to understand what the Chinese have understood for thousands of years. Western science comes up with the startling theory that we are all made up of electrons and if you keep getting down to the basics of matter you get energy. And doctors find our body is wired […]